So you’ve been watching the darts on TV and you’d like to give it a go or get back into it!

You reckon you could be the next Michael van Gerwen or Gary Anderson or Phil Taylor or the next Barney with your own army.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We play social darts at the Weymouth Cossie every Thursday night. Check in closes at 7.15pm and we play drawn pairs.

It doesn’t matter what level of darts you are, from beginner to seasoned pros (the ones everybody loves to beat). We cater for everyone.

Don’t know how to count? Don’t worry about that either, we’ll get those seasoned pros to do that for you and teach you (they don’t know that’s what they are there for).

Don’t have darts? Still not a problem, those seasoned pros carry 5 to 10 sets of darts with them, they’ll gladly lend you a set for the evening.

Can’t make in Thursday night? Still not a problem, we play on a Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon in the Chartered Clubs Leagues & ADA League, and on Monday night in the Counties League, we’re sure to find a place for you

Call one of us if you can’t make Thursday nights.

Deano 0276 85 72 85